What Are The Benefits Of Netflix?

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Why is Netflix so widely used? After all, people are always saying things about Netflix, right? But no one ever actually says what makes it so much better than other options. For instance, why would someone choose Netflix over a regular old video store? Or why not just go to the Red Box instead of using Netflix? After all, Red Box is inexpensive, and it’s sure not hard to use.

Actually, the popularity of Netflix can be easily explained. Here are just a handful of reasons why Netflix is so great.

Firstly, no stand-alone video store could ever hope to offer the broad selection Netflix can offer. Because Netflix operates by mail, it can stock thousands of movies, including old movies that would no longer be in video stores, or obscure movies that video stores never even had.

Secondly, Netflix is very affordable, especially when compared to some of the other options. For only $10 a month, Netflix allows you to exchange movies back and forth as often as you want, and also allows you endless online viewing. Of course, one negative of Netflix is that if you decide on the spur of the moment that you want to watch a particular movie, and if this movie is not offered as a “Play Now” online option, you will have to wait a day for Netflix to mail it to you. But this minor inconvenience is made up for by the low cost of Netflix, especially when you compare the cost to the typical cost of renting a movie: $3 to $5 every time!

Thirdly, you have hundreds of options at your disposal for immediate viewing with the “Play Now” option. Netflix rotates the movies that they offer as “Play Now” options, and not only do they have regular feature movies, but they also include many television shows and documentaries as part of their “Play Now” options. With the huge selection of Netflix, you will always have hundreds of “Play Now” options to choose from, as well as thousands of options for DVDs to have mailed your way.

While there is the minor inconvenience factor of Netflix, there are so many positive features of the service, these inconveniences tend to be dwarfed in comparison.


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