What It Takes to Claim the Most Unique Trophy in Pro Sports

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As far as entertainment goes, there aren’t many forms more popular than professional sports. Depending on where you are in the world some pro sports will be more popular than others. The king of pro sports in Europe and South America is soccer. Residents of Hawaii are huge pro surfing fans. Baseball is the most popular sport in not only the US, but in Japan as well. Winning championships in all of these different sports can be easier to do in some of them than it is in others. The United States and Europe are interested in the National sport of Canada, which offers the hardest trophy to win in all professional sports.

Most cold weather cities love hockey which was born in Canada. Hockey is played at its highest level in the NHL. Teams in this league are consistently spread throughout North America. Around the world the best hockey players come to this league to compete. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are played during every spring so the league can crown a new champion. The participants of these playoffs must max out their physical abilities more so than any other tournament. Every ounce of physical and mental strength that these players have is expended if they want to win the Stanley Cup.

Winning the Stanley Cup brings happiness to the players that they feel is never matched again. This trophy cannot be matched in terms of uniqueness. It is the only major trophy in sports of which there is only one. This makes it even more special to win, knowing that only a select few people actually get to have their names engraved on it. Each winner gets to spend an entire day with the trophy as well, a tradition that began in the early 1990’s. Once again the effort needed to win this championship will be seen this June when a new champion gets crowned.

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