What To See In Florence, Italy

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Plenty of people long to take a vacation to Italy someday. Maybe they want to pick a city and stay there for a week, but more than likely, such a vacation will entail a couple days here, a couple days there. After all, the dream might be to not only visit Italy once, but to come back again and again; the reality, however, might be that one trip is all these travelers will have, and they want to make sure they see everything they can while they are there. If you someday take such a trip – where you stay a couple days here, a couple days there – Florence is probably one of the cities where you will spend a couple days. Even if your time in Florence is limited, here are three places for you to see during your visit!

1) Piazza della Signoria: This is still the political hub of the city, but long ago it was the focal point of both the origin and the history of the Florentine Republic. This area holds several famous and beautiful buildings – such as the Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggia dei Lanzi, and the Pallazo Ugoccioni – and it is known for its rich history and immense beauty. You will also find the Fountain of Neptune – which was built in 1575 by Bartolomeo Ammannati – and you will find a recreation of Michelangelo’s statue “David.”

2) Brancacci Chapel: The mural of this chapel has a long and storied history, beginning in 1424 with Masolino da Panicale, being passed to Masaccio in 1425, and – after Masaccio’s mysterious death at the age of 26, in 1428 – being taken up by Fillpino Lippi; the mural was finally completed by Lippi’s son in 1485, nearly six decades later.

3) Santa Croce: Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli are all interred within this church, which holds the bodies of many of Italy’s most famous and illustrious thinkers. It is the largest Franciscan church in the world, and its sixteen chapels are beautifully adorned with frescoes painted by Giotti and his pupils. This building is truly a mastery of craftsmanship, and it is certain to take your breath away.

Although your time might be limited when you finally make it to Italy – as you spend only a day or two in each city – you now know some of the best sights to see in Florence, and you will be sure to make your trip a success.


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