Which Teas Have the Least Caffeine?


Are you trying to cut down on caffeine? If you’re ditiching coffee and soda for tea, you’ll want to educate yourself on which teas are the lowest in caffeine. This primer will help you distinguish caffeinated teas from teas that don’t contain caffeine.

If you’re switching from drinking coffee, you maybe interested to learn an eight-ounce serving of coffee contains 150-200 milligrams of caffeine. You can compare this to the following teas, which are listed from most caffeinated to lowest in caffeine content.

Black tea has the most caffeine in it, containing 60-90 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce serving. Black teas are the foundation of traditional iced teas as well as Earl Grey and both Irish and English breakfast teas. It can be drank straight, with lemon, or with milk and honey.

If you drink oolong tea, you’ll be taking in 50-75 milligrams of caffeine each time. You’ve probably drank this tea in an Asian restaurant. Drink it plain, without adding anything.

Every cup of green tea you drink contains between 35-70 milligrams of caffeine. You can find all sorts of green tea blends, some of which are combined with lemongrass or other flavors to make a smooth tea that is served without sweetener or milk.

White teas usually deliver 3-55 milligrams per cup. A lot of people love white tea for it’s smooth taste.

If you’re wanting to go caffeine-free, try red rooibos or herbal tea. Red rooibos is also called redbush tea; it is grown in Africa and is popular with milk and honey. As far as herbal teas, you can find a bunch that contain mint leaves, rosehibs, citrus zest, and spices.

One unusual caffeine-free tea is yerba matte; it contains a stimulant similr to caffeine that a lot of people like. You can find yerba matte everywhere in South America. Many people like yerba matte, saying the stimulant it contains is smoother and gentler than caffeine.