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How to change your brain to change your body.(And why your LIFE depends on it!) Special invitation from Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

I want to tell you a story that could literally save your brain, your body, your life… And prevent you from becoming a DINOSAUR. (Yes, I’m serious!)

I was having dinner with a friend recently. Even though he worked for a HEALTH CARE COMPANY, he was not taking his weight problem seriously at all. He was morbidly obese. But he ordered two soufflés for dessert, on top of a huge meal.

Recent studies show that if you are overweight, your brain looks EIGHT YEARS OLDER and has FOUR BILLION LESS BRAIN CELLS than people of healthy weight. Those numbers DOUBLE if you are very overweight, like my friend.

Fortunately my friend got the point. He told me he wanted to be around for his grandchildren. “And I want my MIND to be around, too!” he said. He asked if I could help him, and of course, I did.

In the next month he lost 17 pounds – not by putting all his energy into trying to lose weight. He did it by focusing on gaining brain health. And that’s the REAL secret to being smarter, happier, thinner, and younger!

As my friend fortunately realized, your weight doesn’t just affect how you look in your jeans… Or how you feel in a swimsuit. It also affects the health of your physical body – and the health of your physical brain!

It’s your brain that tells you to stop eating when you’ve had enough… or lets you dive into that second soufflé and end up feeling bloated, groggy, and depressed.

It’s your brain that reminds you to drive carefully… or urges you to race down the highway at speeds that can cause tickets, crashes, or fatalities.

It’s your brain that keeps you focused, motivated, and successful… or holds you back with attention or anxiety issues.

And it’s your brain that deserves credit, attention, and care for everything it does to run your body, your mind, and your life!

The Amen Solution gives you everything you need to get started and keep living a BRAIN-HEALTY lifestyle – AT HOME!

It’s a convenient and affordable way to benefit from the proven methods used at The Amen Clinics (and used personally by me). Without even making an appointment. And…