Will The Knicks Make The Playoffs This Year?

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In the beginning of the season when the Knicks started 1-9 I thought this was going to be another lost season. I have been keeping up with their season and at the time they weren’t playing defense. You can also add the fact that the coach didn’t know what his rotation was going to be.jordan 12 playoffs

By the time December rolled around the Knicks started playing better ball. That is because the coach started stressing defense. Also the coach knew the guys he was going to play. In my opinion I think he has too short of a rotation but hey if this is going to make the Knicks a winning team again then so be it. He did this in Pheonix with steve nash, raja bell, amare and company. Doing this he averaged 58 wins a season. My concern is he has a short rotation and if you only give the bulk of your minutes to 7 or 8 guys you are going to tire them out towards the end of the season.

My other concern is they should have won games that they had big leads in. For instance the game in Charlotte they had a 12 point lead going into the fourth period and they lost the game. Another game I believe was in chicago.

So now it is 2010 as of right now the Knicks are 15-21 it is still early in the season. In my opinion they have a shot to make the playoffs. Comming into the season the coach said they were aiming for 40 wins. But come the summer of 210 our goal is to sign 2 superstars either Lebron or D-Wade but I don’t think that is going to happen.

What has happened to the state of New York Knicks basketball? Remember the glory days of the 80s and 90s? It all revolved around one man, an underrated NBA superstar whose impact wasn’t truly recognized until the team crumbled once he aged and left. Patrick Ewing was a true franchise player in every sense of the word, and made a bigger impact on the Knicks than any player in franchise history ever has.jordan playoffs 12

A dark period under the leadership of Isiah Thomas followed, and the Knicks were the laughing stock of the NBA for quite a few years.

In came new coach Mike D’Antoni last season (formerly with the Suns), and his new style of offense was accompanied by some house cleaning that shipped a bunch of players out that personnel felt might be bad for the team.

The Knicks were left with a shell of their former roster, but it was a group of guys who were willing to play hard. Still, the team faltered, finishing last in their division with a 32-50 record.

Can the Knicks regroup in 09-10 and somehow make the playoffs for the first time in a few years? Well, the Nets should be weaker having lost Vince Carter but that’s just one team.

The Knicks will need key contributions from some of their developing youth like Wilson Chandler, David Lee, and Nate Robinson if they want to make an impact. Even Danilo Gallinari will have higher expectations in his second year. It’ll be an uphill battle, but this is a team of players willing to fight hard for it.

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