Winning Overeating- NO DIET

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Winning Overeating- NO DIETClick Image To Visit SiteYou can continue on this path, but you will never achieve your goals because you do not know the answer to the question:

“Why can’t you achieve what is really important to you; eating what you want while looking your best and feeling wonderful? “

Every day you remain pre-occupied with diets and uncontrolled eating patterns you are impacting on your physical and emotional health. Every day you do not take a step closer to your happiness your quality of life deteriorates.

Do you feel as if you are not in control of your body and your wishes for yourself?  As if there is some other being inside you that decides and diverts you and is not letting you do what you really want to do?

My name is Ofira Shaul and I want to share with you my personal story which led me to the most meaningful discovery which has influenced my life and, as a consequence the lives of thousands of other people.

I was obsessed with my figure, my weight, uncontrolled eating and periodic eating binges that just got worse and worse, periods of physical inactivity and periods of obsessive physical activity, my weight kept going up and down —I felt as though I was on a frightening "roller coaster" ride.

And the saddest part was my extremely low self-image and the feeling of ongoing failure and helplessness I experienced, while I continued having this uncontrollable urge for food.

I was desperate, because this is what I thought the rest of my life would be like. I thought that this was hereditary and that I just didn’t have any luck.

In spite of all the suffering from the many trials, and in spite of the fact that I was disappointed after each diet when I regained the weight, I felt that I had to continue dieting, because I absolutely had to be thin, otherwise "I will never succeed in life and feel successful." 

I even remember feeling jealousy towards thin people, especially those who were "naturally thin" — there were only two of them among my group of friends, that even when they ate gobs of food or sweets, they never gained weight, and I thought to myself:

This subject bothered me so much, that I knew I would never find peace until I found a way to solve my weight problem.  I had no… Read more…

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