Workout Music – Boost Your Exercise Results Automatically


Workout Music Online is a set of mp3’s that have been scientifically built to maximize the results you get from exercise, while at the same time make your workouts a lot more enjoyable

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Workout Music - Boost Your Exercise Results AutomaticallyClick Image To Visit SiteIntervalMP3 is a downloadable interval workout music program for your iPod/MP3 player. It can be done for whatever exercise you choose and works on all gym machines.

Whether you are training on bike, treadmill, stair stepper, using weights or perhaps just going for a run outside, IntervalMP3 will supercharge your workouts, make them a lot more fun and get you better results.

“..I would have normally quit halfway through the workout, with the workout mp3 it just felt like it gave me the juice to power through to the end..”

“… Awesome – made it so I didn’t have to think or pay attention to the clock. When I clock-watch it makes the workout go by more slowly…”

The beauty of this type of training is that you can use just about any type of exercise. If your mode of training is the treadmill or the elliptical, then its perfect. If you want to add more intensity to your weight training, excellent. If you prefer spinning, great – you can put together a unique spinning class in about 5 minutes using the construction kits. Aerobics, trampolining, kettle-bells, sprinting, stairs, resistance bands, jogging, rope skipping,  cycling, circuit training…. The list is endless. You can use these mp3′s for just about anything.

During seven weeks of research all the athletes tested had a lot more power, took longer to get tired and lastly had an increased VO2 peak during exercise.(VO2 is universally considered the measurement of fitness.)

Interval training will make you faster, make you stronger, push your endurance up and make you fitter. Whether you are training for intensity sports like football or soccer, or endurance sports like running or cycling, these mp3′s will make you a better athlete.

Well, that’s true, in a research study be Tremblay, they discovered interval trainers lost nine times more subcutaneous fat than their aerobic cardio counterparts.

Interval training creates the perfect environment for fat loss. It causes fatty acid oxidization while at the same time encourages your body to use more fat for fuel. In fact over time it helps build pathways for your body to use more carbs for energy in your muscles rather than store it as fat.

“…The mp3 narration was of enormous assistance. The tempo changes for the sprints are awesome. During my last workout my body was responding… Read more…

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