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What exactly is African Mango anyway? Does it really work or is it just another weight loss product that promises a lot but fail to deliver?

What exactly is African Mango anyway? Does it really work or is it just another weight loss product that promises a lot but fail to deliver?

With its arrival, on a popular syndicated TV show, hosted by a doctor, African Mango Supplements were first introduced to the public in September 2010. Mango fans have purchased the product in droves. It seems that all one needs to do is promote their products on one of the popular television talk shows and the product gets immediate attention.

Do the extract supplements help with weight loss or do they just empty your purse? What are the other benefits to the weight loss supplements? Some boast of shrinking your waist line without the need of a special diet or exercise. Others claim that they lower your cholesterol, help to eliminate fatigue while boosting energy levels. Let’s take a good look at these one by one.

African Mango Extract

African Mango Supplements – What are the claims? This product is endorsed by celebrities and fitness gurus alike and claims to be the perfect weight loss solution. One supplement, twice a day, with food and you can achieve weight loss, without the heavy dieting and strenuous exercise.

Irvignia Gabonensis is a rich source of Vitamin B which is essential for speeding up metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your body gets more energy when these substances are metabolized easily. With higher energy levels you can exercise more which will result in more fat loss.

How its Extract works Studies suggest that African mango seed extracts helps people make more sensitive to Leptin which is a hormone responsible for fat storage especially on the abdomen.

Burning belly fat is often the most difficult challenge for weight loss enthusiast. It really is difficult to reduce abdominal fat unless you take a powerful supplement or workout rigorously which is often not possible by everyone. African mango based supplements are useful for burning abdominal fat as well. What really happen is that overweight people become resistant to Leptin which is a hormone that controls fat storage in abdominal area. Irvignia Gabonensis works wonders for reducing your resistance to Leptin which results in melting fat from your Abs. In this is one of the very few diet supplement that regulates and leptin hormone for burning fat.

African Mango Extract- How to use it correctly Many people believe that simply taking the diet pill will take care of all weight loss issues. While it is true in some cases if you go for rapid weight loss pills that are effective appetite suppressants, African mango works somewhat differently. You will see remarkable results if you combine the diet with some exercise program. Also care should be taken that you do not keep on eating toxin foods while taking this fruit extract based diet. There is no point in flushing out toxin and consuming more toxins through junk food. It will simply not be effective if you do not control your junks eating habits.

Side effects No severe side effects have been reported so far. In some cases some people have reported headache, insomnia and gas issues but they were not severe enough to interfere with your routine life.

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