You Obesity And Weight Loss


The presence of fat in your body helps your body
store fat, adds insulation for heat, and adds a
layer of shock absorption. Your percentage of
body fat, which you should have to be healthy,
should consist of 25%-39% for a male and for a
woman it should be 18%-23%. If you are a male
and have a body index factor above 30 or a woman
with a factor 25 then you are considered obese.

Your obesity can be measured with the help of the
Basal Metabolic Index, or BMI for short. This is
calculated by dividing the weight of your body by
your total height. If the BMI averages to be over
30 you are considered to be suffering from obesity.

You need to be aware though before you begin that
you are not the only one suffering from this sometimes
fatal disease. This dreaded disease has reached an
epidemic level in our nation today. That means that
at least 1 out of 3 people are obese in our society.
Here are some tips that have been proposed by the
Department of Human Services as well as the Department
of Agriculture which falls into the regular dietary
guidelines for all Americans.

1. Fruits – This can be fruits of any kind including
fresh or canned. Although fresh is better due to the
natural sugars that it contains

2. Vegetables – These include dark green leafy vegetables
such as broccoli and kale among others. Also you should
consider adding orange vegetables as well. This includes
such things as sweet potato, carrots, and pumpkin among

3. Calcium-Drink lots of low fat and fat free milk, but
these should be taken in balanced proportion.

4. Cereals and Pasta-You need to go for the whole grain
pasta and cereals as these are better for your health as
well as weight loss

5. Protein-These include such things as lean meat, poultry,
and fish among others.

6. Unsaturated fat-Fish, nuts, and vegetables are all good
for this category among others.

7. Salt-You need to limit your total daily intake of salt.
Do not consume more than 2300 grams of salt in a given day.
This equals to one teaspoon.


Besides having a balanced diet you need to also be sure to
schedule plenty of exercise as well. Such things as a short
brisk walk or running are usually pretty useful in helping
you lose weight. You can also try some free hand exercises
that can be prescribed by your personal trainer if you happen
to have one. Also if you drink plenty of water it will help
you detoxify your body from any toxins that may enter the body.

Being obese can be a problem for you but if you follow the
proper dietary guidelines you will be able to become an ideal
weight again.

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