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I have read every slimming magazine that I could lay my hands on, from cover to cover! I have also tried every possible slimming supplement, weight loss diet, and weight loss diet pill imaginable!

Now please don’t get me wrong here, some of them are very good! My problem was that any weight that I did lose, just piled straight back on I am pretty sure you may well have had that experience too. You probably get the picture, day after day, sometimes week after week, of total self denial, missing out all my favorite goodies! What was the end result usually, maybe a couple pounds or so lighter on the scales (if I was lucky that is!) Let me explain…

In simple terms (which is how I like things) wouldn’t it be marvellous if you could eat (almost) anything you fancied, and yet still lose weight!. Well you can with this, provided that you make sure that you eat not only the right foods, but also the right combinations of foods as well! Imagine being able to eat meals like these and still lose a lot of weight!!! Read more…

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